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Rasleela of Krishna

Rasleela of Krishna



Madhubanipaintings.Net is the ultimate haven for some of the rarest, most unique and magnificent Crafts of India. MadhubaniPaintings.Net is actually a nonprofit initiative by All these matchless Indian crafts like Madhubani Paintings, Paithani Sari, Pattachitra etc. are painted by rural artisans of Mithila region, Paithan region and Pattachitra of Puri. We are providing a highly vibrant platform for Chitrakars (Rural Artists and Painters) to display their craft to the world virtually dissolving away the restrictions of geographical boundaries.

Calendar Art of India: These images are unique and transferred over generations by painters and artisans. This is a soft endeavor of JAIMANGLA TOURS LLP to promote the unique handcrafted arts of Maithili. The region is known to be one of the most scholarly regions and is credited with scholars like Manadan Mishra and his wife Bharti, who challenged the great Shankaracharya to become Jagadguru. These pictures and images are from street-vendors who used to sit outside the Temples and sell their arts and crafts to the Pilgrims.The Art historians have explained these images and illustrations as imaginations of common men.

In present era, the foreign tourists and fashion gurus equally go captivated by their supernatural content and scintillating colors. Fashion Gurus have used it in the catwalks, incorporating them in apparels and accessories to get attention of the consumers and media. But have you ever wondered where these imaginations and imagery came from?


Madhubani Paintings is primarily a feminist art being practiced by the ladies folk of Mithila region while their Male Folks have been away at is a selfless and sincere attempt to understand this sacred art through craft. We mainly avail the following Calendar Paintings of India, though our offerings are not confined to these.

1)      Madhubani Painting related Crafts: Paintings,Saris

2)      Pattachitra related Crafts:Paintings,Saris

3)      Paithani Silk Sari

4)      Zari work

5)      Kaalin or Daris


We provide our customers great value for money, quality and authenticity. Having an in-depth understanding of the finesse of Maithil art, craft and the actual soul, we sort out the best available crafts from each region and send it to our honorable customers. Our focus is on the below virtues.

1) Authenticity: Since we are from Mihila region, we procure and provide purely authentic crafts of India that are made by our partner artisans of respective regions.

2) Quality: We believe in providing high quality crafts to our esteemed customers and show justice to their love for arts and crafts.

3) Value for Money: We assure value for Money to all our customers who purchase from us. Not a single penny you invest in our products goes in vain.

4) Noble Cause: Purchasing from us in not just about quenching your thirst for these handicrafts. You are also involuntarily elevating the artisans of Mithila region towards a better living standard and may be even recognition.

So, join us and support our noble cause along with the satisfaction of having some great masterpieces as possessions.

If you love this ancient art of Mthila Paintings and want to contribute its spread the do write and comment about it in the below Forms.





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